I feel especially blessed lately.

I have a beautiful family with a wonderful husband and fabulous kids!

My parents are still in love with each other & help me in more ways than I can count.

My sisters are my best friends & they love my husband as their own brother.  They married men that I love, so I now get to enjoy brothers.

My niece is the sweetest baby ever and my in laws are wonderful.

I live in my dream house, on my Dad's land.  Something he worked hard to make his own & now my family gets to celebrate all his dreams and make our own dreams.

All of the photos are views of our land.  Above are our "spooky" trees.  These two trees have truly grown together - we've never seen anything like this!  I hope you enjoy my pictures.  This land has shaped the person I am today.  My kids are now experiencing the life I grew up with & it's good for them!  This land was the best gift my parents ever gave to us.  I don't know how to edit photos - so these are raw with my point & shoot, but I think they are all still beautiful.