I totally neglected you guys here. I almost forgot to get you a before photo! As you can tell - I had set it up and started painting when I remembered to get the shot!

This table my sweet Dad hand built for me the Christmas of '07. I adore it! It's a large harvest table that will seat 6 chairs, or 4 chairs & a long bench - he also built for me!

Originally I had painted this table black & stained the top. I have since decided to paint it a green tone to match my island.  I did the paint mixing in my basement with some blues & yellows I had on hand.

Once I put on 2 coats of the green paint - I really hit it hard with the sand paper - mainly because I wasn't sure about the color this time - it's a bit more sage than I wanted.

I really like the aged look I got from it & it actually goes quite well with my island considering I wanted a more kelly / cilantro green color.  Who knows - I may do a dry brush technique on it with a darker color in places - that may get me the island look I'm going for!

 Please forgive the picture from the fall, but I had to share this baby with you again.  It is one of my prized possessions at a mere $325!  It's truly from the 1800's - an old store counter.  The vendor had rebuilt the right side since it was attached to the wall - but you can barely tell - they were that good!