I blogged about my anniversary Saturday, but I had a surprise I didn't see coming.  My husband usually lets me plan everything.  I plan our get aways, I plan our dates.  I'm an organized freak & I like to know what's going on.  So I had booked a babysitter for Saturday night.  We were going to go to dinner & the new Matt Damon movie - Jade loves his movies.  So I kept talking about where we should eat etc.  I had movie times - everything was pretty much planned except the restaurant.

Unbeknown to me, my husband planned a surprise date.  He told me weren't doing any of the above.  I was so confused - I thought maybe he wants to see a different movie - weird, but maybe! 

Then, he said he got us tickets to see Allegria - a Cirque Du Soleil event in Champaign.  He also lined up my sister Maggie to keep our kids overnight & got us a sweet hotel room for the night.  I was in SHOCK!  Literally shocked.  I probably still am.  We had an absolute blast.  If you haven't ever been to a Cirque show - you must go - amazing every time!

These two girls blew my mind - what an athletic and limber pair!

An actual trapeze act - one guy fell - thank god for the safety nets!

What a muscle!  This guy was just amazing!

The IHotel in Champaign - yeah it's nice!

So applaud my husband - he did an amazing job & I was so excited to get a romantic surprise!!

Also, a thanks must go out to Maggie for keeping our kids overnight & forcing Jade to become a romantic man (her salon is attached to his office so she's always in his business - I love it!), and for Mom for helping purchase everything so I - the organized freak - wouldn't see charges on our credit card bills & call in fraud!