I thought I'd do a little segment on here - A Few of My Favorite Things - and go through some of the bigger rooms in my house.  Since my house is constantly evolving - things are different than the last time I posted.  Please enjoy my kitchen.

It's eclectic to say the least.  I have a lot of fun finds in here all mixed and matched together.  I have collections of old bowls, chickens, and old signs.  I love my kitchen.

My collection of hands - one is an old glove form & the other is giving an OK sign.  The chicken was drawn by Abbie - it's fabulous isn't it!

These are above my pantry.  They came from my Mom - and I believe from my Grandma.  I love them - they are little chalk figurines with hooks on them.  They are great!

This is above the fridge.  I found the giant fork & spoon & spray painted them a textured silver.  They are fabulous & so is that old chicken cookie jar & those orange tins!

Here are some old signs I have collected.  The fifth street carries on my collection of 5s - I don't know why I collect 5s, but I do.  The R is an old movie sign letter & the Small Change came from TJ Maxx.  The old jars are really cool up close & personal.

I just got this Oleo sign from my Mom.  It cracks me up.  I also am a big fan of small lights around my house so this beauty adorns my counter top.

My island post will come as Part 2 - it deserved it's own post!