My son has developed a new name for me.  That's right, I'm not Mom or Mommy, Boppy, or Ma-hee, like I've been in past years.  Recently, I'm Ma.  I am not sure where it came from.  Honestly, it feels a bit old for me - besides my Dad is called Pa & he's 50.  I'm a young'in at 27.

Picture by Pix by Jme

So constantly now he's saying "No Ma", "I love you, Ma" - he adds it basically to every sentence he speaks to me.  So I am officially now Ma.

It reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies. 

Don't get me wrong - I used to LOVE that show when I was little.  Now that I'm older - I LOVE to load up my hubs truck just like the Clampetts, but I guess I'm yearning to be something other than a Ma.  I should be Mommy still - geez they grow too fast!

I had to share Aubrie's picture too!  Jamie was gracious enough to take pictures of kids with farm animals for a Relay for Life fundraiser.  They are fabulous!  It's also very obvious that my kids adore living on a farm - even though Everett is trying to wring the crap out of his chicken.

Check out that chicken on her head & the calf trying to nibble her bow - so stinking cute!  Thank you again Jamie!