Oh dear - again I never thought I'd ever blog about this topic...but here I am...so my mother's daughter...

The importance of sunscreen...

I always thought my Mom was a bit ridiculous about her abundant love of sunscreen.  However, I'm now changing my tune.  I always wear face lotion with sunscreen, but hardly ever body sunscreen.  I used to be a very tan person.  We had a pool growing up and I was in the sun pretty much from the moment my sisters & I got up, until sundown - then we swam in the dark.  We LOVED our pool.  My poor sisters weren't as lucky as I was.  Maggie and Abbie often swam in t-shirts to protect their pale skin that used to burn with the slightest bit of sun.  I however, hardly ever burned.

Now that I'm in an office 24/7 - I'm a pale person too.  Beyond my paleness - I am very moley.  Not nasty moles, but flat almost like large freckle moles.  I have them all over.  The other day I counted 55 from the elbow down on both my arms.  That's pretty insane right?

(I wanted to insert a mole picture here, but honestly - mole pictures are nasty!)

Up until recently I have neglected my moles.  I haven't thought much about them.  Well - other than the one Everett used to pinch - that always made me remember it quite quickly!  I decided that I was going to get 5 moles removed by my doctor.  They were moles that were a bit raised, that I shaved or got irritated, or just moles that I wasn't fond of.  I wanted them gone so I wouldn't worry about them any longer.

No big deal, until one came back pre-cancerous.  I'm kind of upset about it - who wants anything pre-cancerous in their body right?!  Well - at least I caught it early & they are doing a second check this week to remove more skin & test it to make sure I'm OK.

So...my lesson learned is that this girl is going to make a yearly appointment with a dermatologist to sprawl out nude to have my 1027 moles examined.  Then, I will become diligent in my sunscreen efforts - not only on myself, but those precious babies as well!  Besides - I don't want leather skin.