My sister Abbie is a funny chick.  She's 5'10" and she lovingly refers to herself as "man sized". 

Abbie, Mom, Maggie, Me & Aubrie at Maggie's baby shower summer -09

Now I don't think Abbie is man sized.  She is very curvy - her measurements crack me up because she's seriously that curvy!  She's also gorgeous.  She even gets hit on because her eyebrows grow so perfectly - guys can't believe they are natural.  True story!

So when we work on junk, Abbie calls herself "man sized" and Maggie & I refer to her as Heavy D for other obvious reasons.  We have a  great time working on Ethel Edith stuff & crack our stuff up.  As Zac says - we pooty stomp out our work!  As you can imagine our work room is ridiculous with the 3 of us pooty stomping & heavy d'ing it around the room.

So, the other night Maggie came over to do my nails.  Naturally, Aubrie expected to see Abbie soon because we usually are all together.  I told her that Abbie wasn't coming.  She was sad because she wanted Abbie to fix something for her.  So then she just blurts out, well maybe Daddy can do it for me because Abbie is "man sized" just like Daddy.

Oh my gosh - Maggie and I were in hysterics!  I seriously couldn't get a grip on it!  So now, poor Abbie has taught Aubrie to also call her "man sized". 

PS - We are not sure what pooty stomping means.  Although, we have a good guess at it.  The term Pooty Stomp was "invented" by Abbie's husband Zac & is lovingly used as his password at work - pootystomp007.  Classic!