I don't really talk about my job here on the blog.

But in my day life, I work for a software company.  We design agricultural accounting software for grain elevators, fertilizer & seed dealers, and all the other good mom & pop ag stores we can find throughout the nation.  In the software world, we are serious business.

At this company, I specialize in Accounting - mainly Inventory related Accounting.  Inventory is my baby.  I love me some serious product movement.

Anyway, in my line of work I'm on the phone a lot.  I'm a problem solver and critical thinker.  Our customers call our support line, when they need help.  When they have ran into an "issue" and they need a way out.  That's what I do - I help. 

Often times to help our customers we connect to their computer through the internet and log in and out of different programs & screens.  So it's very often that we may need to ask our customers to share their password with us for this one particular call. 

You know it's a very good day for me, when I get on a conference call with 3 people & I ask our customer their password.  I wonder why they are not just coming out with it and why they seem a bit stand offish to share their password.  I think, are they afraid of security breeches?  What's going on here?

Come to find out - this customer (a high management employee at a very large company) has the password of MonkeyFart.  Yes I said that correctly - MonkeyFart with a capital M on Monkey & capital F on Fart.  This is epic - no legendary (if you are a big How I Met Your Mother fan).  So - there my co-workers and I set with wide eyes in our office looking at each other across the table - trying not to die in hysterics - knowing our customer is also mortified that they shared this information with us, not once but repeated it multiple times with proper spelling.

So - go forth today with the thought - some day you may share your password - would you be embarrassed to share it on a conference call with 3 other people?