Our dogs are part of our family.

Trudie, small in size, makes the perfect foot heater because she prefers to sleep under the blankets.  Her belly is hairless, typing that cracked me up just an fyi, and it makes for the perfect 80 degree storm on a cold winters night!  We love her for her deep sighs, loud snores, and her chubby neck that is larger than her head (collars aren't this dog's best friend).  She's the kind of dog that's so ugly (don't repeat this to her), she's cute!

I think we all can agree, her sneezing in your face and her breath are by far the worst!

Duke, 80 lbs and all, is so large he consumes half of the loveseat.  Finding room by him isn't the easiest, but his ears make up for it - you just can't not love a hound dog like him.  He's so easy going that the kids just flop on him and he takes it.  The worst he will do is a snout punch.  That's right, when Everett has bit him (why would you bite a dog Everett?!?), Duke has turned around and flat out snout punched Everett in the head.  It's the perfect effect.  Everett backs off, and Duke hasn't harmed my kid - other than Everett's pride. 

 Duke's worst quality would also be the hound dog in him. I can't count the number of animal body parts Jade has hauled off this year. So far Duke has scored 2 deer, a few squirrels & rabbits, and of course an occasional goose wing - really? Is this necessary Duke?!?

She's not a poser is she?!  You can barely see Duke hiding behind her.
We accept our dogs for who they are...even if that means washing off their faces & brushing their teeth before they are allowed near us!