Jade is my heart. He is my first and only love in life.  I "met", this is a strange word to use when you go to a school of 400 students total, Jade on November 22, 1996.  I knew my best friend, Melissa, was hooking me up with him, because she was interested in his best friend Dan. 

Prom - May, 1997

I wanted no part of this plan, nor did Jade. The night I met him, Melissa & Dan planned a movie at Dan's house.  I sat on a stationary exercise bike seat for half the movie, because I didn't want to sit by Jade on the loveseat. Isn't that hilarious!  What an awkward girl am I that I literally sat on an exercise bike for over an hour to avoid him. It's hilarious! 

My College Dorm Room - September, 2001

Top it off with the fact that Jade always wore a flannel shirt in hunter green or Burgundy with some type of Nike shirt underneath, and what he thought were the coolest shoes ever - his shoendals.  Yes you heard me right, shoendals - his shoes/sandals.  They were hideous.  No offense to my lovely husband, but I really wasn't interested in him at all.  However, my other best friend Elly thought he was a "hot tamale" - which I didn't understand.  Why wasn't Melissa hooking Elly & Jade up?  She was right after all, and eventually, I changed my tun and thought Jade was pretty cute too.  Oh to be 14 again!

Our Honeymoon Cruise - March, 2004

So back to my story.  Jade finally convinced me to sit on the couch with him, I was completely awkward about it, but by the end of the night I was wrestling him and flirty in return.  The next day he asked me to go with him to a U of I football game, it was freezing, but with Melissa and Dan in tow - I agreed.  That was the first time we held hands.  He was really cute after all. 

Our Disney vacation - March, 2005

So I fell in love with this boy fast...even when Dad forbid it.  So fyi parents, don't forbid your children from the opposite sex, they will marry that person!  Dad only forbid it because Jade had a license & Dad thought he was too old for me.  After a background check with my cousin Drew, Jade was later approved.  Now my Dad adores Jade as his own son.

A Cardinals Game in 2008

I'm off on a different subject again - so sorry - I can't help myself! Jade was more interesting than anyone I knew.  He kept my attention, knew how to argue with me, but how to make me feel loved too!  I could spend hours on the phone with him, and I did.  One night while Dan was driving me home, Jade tricked me into my first kiss.  He literally said "Hey do you see that huge deer?" - I turned my head and got my first kiss from him.  Again, what a hilarious story.  This goes back to being 14 and 16 again!

4th of July, 2008

The rest is pretty much history.  We had a few breakups along the way - when you transition from 14 to adulthood, that's bound to happen.  However, we always loved each other & knew we were meant to be together.

My wedding set.

After 7 years, we were engaged November 1st, 2003 and wed March 20th, 2004.

He is my soul mate, my best friend, my partner in crime.  He is my brutally honest teammate.  Without him, I wouldn't have grown into the woman I am today - literally he shaped my life and who I am from 14 to my ripe age of 27.  He makes me laugh until I cry, and comforts me when I need to cry.  I'm truly blessed to have found a partner in life who is my everything.  He - so Jerry McGuire of me - completes me.

Fall 2009.  Here we are today.  13 years later and married for 6 years.

So today I wish my man a Happy Anniversary.  It's been 6 glorious years of marriage.  We only have 4 more & we're celebrating in a big way.  Mark my words friends, ten years of marriage will finally equal an amazing vacation for Jade & I.  To where I do not know, but we've made the promise - so Mom, Maggie, Abbie & Ruby - mark your calendars b/c my babies are coming to stay with you in 2014!  We're going to celebrate without them!

P.S.  I wish I could show you our scrapbook from 14 on.  It's absolutely hilarious & Jade & I were cracking up over ourselves.  Can you also tell that I like to change my hair a lot?