Prepare yourselves for the story of a cat.

My daughter truly forgets nothing.  She just turned 4 in December and never ceases to amaze me in the things she remembers.

Two years ago in June, I went rummaging with my Mom & sisters.  We stumbled upon a box of 4 adorable kittens, that were being kept in squalor.  It was terrible.  Being the pet lover that I am, I agreed to take a yellow kitten (because yellow tigers are predominantly male) home to Aubrie, age 2 1/2.

So I took Carl home.  He was covered in fleas.  That sentence is an understatement & he had an enormous poop ball in his tail.  So I bathed him forever & finally got the little guy cleaned up.  Aubrie (my mini-me) was instantly in love with Carl.  I wrapped him in a towel and she carried him all over the house & was in love with Carl.

At night, Carl went in a small cage in the garage.  After a few days, I went to the garage & Carl was pretty much lifeless.  I have no idea to this day why.  He was eating & drinking the night before just fine.  Then I put him in his cage for the night, and the next morning - he couldn't even stand - it was awful. 

So we lost Carl.  This is sad, but he was so sick that it was a relief.  We told Aubrie that Carl now lives in the trees.  She was just too little to tell her that Carl had really died. 

To this day - nearly 2 years later - she remembers Carl.  She talks about how "talented" Carl was.  I don't remember him being a talented cat, but apparently he was very talented.  She talks about him all the time - that he will come home and live with Maggie.  I just can't believe she remembers in detail - Carl the cat.  Considering we had Carl about 3 days before he was gone.  Amazing! 

Now she'd like a new Carl (we'd have to find a tiger kitten that looked just like Carl), or a fish.  Her "aminal" love never ends.