The votes were tallied & you all agreed - paint this baby and paint her fast!

So I was forced to appease the masses.

I went with a color called Rossland A38-4 from Ace.  It is actually one shade lighter than my wall colors in my living room - Forgotten Secret A38-5.

I absolutely love my living room paint - love it so much I'd kiss it that's right! It looks fabulous with green so that's what I went with.

After the paint dried - I scuffed this baby up to make her look aged. I love the color & the new pop of turquoise inspired me to redo the entire bedroom.

I decided to make some more desk room & strung up my extra clocks on a hook & twine - love it!

 I then took some old rulers & these are a great place to hold spare pictures - or display our sweet Ethel Edith business cards!

I also took some fabulous frames - hit them with some spray paint & they got a fabulous new look. Now my desk displays some of my favorite colors & favorite collections!

Stay tuned to see more of the bedroom redo tomorrow!

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