Something my family cares deeply about is the Ronald McDonald House.  It is important to us.  My Mom stayed there when she had my twin brothers.  I imagine without the Ronald McDonald house my parents would have figured out a way for her to be with them, but it would have been hard & they already had a lot on their hearts.

Because of our appreciation - we give our change to all the coin catchers when we hit up a McDonalds.  Well, every year our McDonalds does the annual fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House.  Plus, you have an opportunity to give more & get your name on the big sign out in front.  Now typically only businesses do this.  However, my Dad is a funny man.  He thinks it's absolutely hilarious to put Jade's name on the board.  Keep in mind our town has 5,000 people.  To say everyone knows everyone is an understatement.  They know everyone, plus all your cousins, may be related to you in some bizarre 3 marriage way, & they know all your business too.  That's just how we roll down here in Central IL. 

So behold - a hilarious sign!

Check out the line of cars by this sign too - that's a lot of traffic in our town rolling by this sign!

Every time I drove by this baby I'd crack up.  Jade had friends calling him to know what in the world he was up to.  Hilarious I know!  This was a few years ago.  They are doing the donations again & I'm trying to get Jade to get his name on the famous board, but this time for his business!  Hey it's for charity & it gets your name out there right?!?