I am becoming "That Girl".

*Source - Google Images*

Not in a bad way, but in an awesome kind of way.  I'm "That Girl" that everyone is suddenly donating their old furniture to.  I am loving it.  I even keep these freebies, and move them into my own house after giving them some love!  Everyone thinks I'm nuts because I pick up some very peculiar pieces, and I haven't really bought much furniture from real furniture stores ever. (Except sofas & mattresses - you don't just pick those up from the side of the road - well sometimes you do, but very very rarely you do and consider sitting on them!  I like to pick them up, and put them in friend's yards as pranks instead - that's fun!  I need to blog about that sometime!)

I have been "That Mom" for some time.

  That's right, I think my kids are the smartest, cutest, greatest at everything ever.  For the most part they are.  They make me constantly turn my head to chuckle in inappropriate situations.  I can't help it!  I'm "That Mom".  They are just hilarious and loud.  I think because they hang out with my Mom & Jade's Mom.  They are both loud and funny women - so my babies get it honest.  Just ask my Mom and sisters - they will agree that my kids are fabulous too!  I also think my niece Caroline is right up there with them.  Plus, who doesn't love a baby that isn't' afraid to rock a killer mustache?  I love this smiley baby so much!

If you are ever looking to unload on someone - call me - call me fast :)