I am really excited...I'm really excited about my church!  Last year I was so upset because they canceled Saturday night service.  We went to it all the time because Sundays are just really hectic for us.  My husband is a work-a-holic and so is my Dad.  They do firewood, feed cattle, tear down old barns, built my house - all of these things happen 7 days a week.  It was just really hard to get to church on a Sunday morning.

So last year - we weren't so good attendance wise.  Church started at 8:15 which meant I had to have my kids fed & dressed & out the door by 7:45 b/c church is 30 minutes away in Effingham.  Our other option was 11:15 church which then got out at 12:45.  So by that time most of the day was gone, and my kids were bawling grouchy messes b/c they eat lunch around 11:30.  I know excuses excuses, but it just made going to church more of a chore than a joy sometimes.

So they just announced a new service!  Hooray a brand new service just for us!  It starts at 9:45 and runs until 10:55.  I am just beyond words happy about this.  We can actually sleep in a bit on Sunday, but still get to church & have most of our day to work on chores as well! 

The day Everett was dedicated

I go to New Hope in Effingham.  This church is contemporary, casual, and they put a huge focus on the youth.  It is just filled with young couples & people so excited to come together for the Lord.  I love going.  The music is fabulous - it's like a rock concert every Sunday & I nearly cry every Sunday!  (I don't know why being a Mom makes me cry at American Idol & church services, but it does.)  Then to top it off, our pastor is amazing.  He teaches out of the bible.  Real bible verses up on the screen, not a secret agenda that is about him, his relationship with God, and his holy marriage (I've had that before & I really don't need to hear about how rigteous some other pastors marriage is.  I do think it's important, but gosh I want to learn about the Bible).  Anyway, Pastor Van really talks about God and Jesus!  He's funny - he's really funny actually and I enjoy learning from him.  He's unexpected in a good way & you can tell the church loves him as the leader.

*Google Images - LOVE this photo*
I always dreamed I'd find a church to bring my children to that would be fun and nurturing.  Well this church made it their mission statement to focus on the youth.  They have a group focused on 5th and 6th grade (b/c most kids commit to God at age 12) & they have the entire group (300+ kids) do alter calls - that's amazing!  Then - they get even bigger with One Eighty!  They have an entire facility for teens.  They do Saturday night worships out there and have a huge teen following (imagine 8:15 church with the front 5 rows filled up with teens - that's unheard of!)  They definitely are doing something right here.

I am so excited about the new service & I want to work hard this year to get my family to most of those services.  I know it's important in our marriage & important to my children so it's my job to get us there - even if that means pop tarts in the car!

So - if you live around here and are looking for a place to try out - give it a try - I love it and you may too!