When I got married nearly 6 years ago my Aunt Judy gave me a dresser, armoire, and a night stand.

They were great sturdy pieces, but what I call some serious ugly (sorry Aunt Judy!).  They were straight out of the 70's and they were a stained wood with a black splatter to them to imitate worm holes - really - why?!?

This is the dresser.  It sits in my walk in closet so it's never been refinished.  There isn't much of a point because no one ever sees this baby, but Jade & me.

You're jealous aren't you!

When we moved to our new house, these babies were still wood.  I finally realized paint them!  Paint them now!

So I painted them big bold, and red.  I love red.  I don't know if I'd want a red room, but I love a splash of red.

The hardware wasn't easy to replace because of where the holes were and the thickness of this wood so I just spray painted what I had.  Then I did a lot of distressing.  It's hard to see since it's brown underneath - but in person up close they are really aged.

So much better.  When you walk in the front door you can see a slight angle into the master bedroom and you see this baby, proud & bold in my room.  I love it.  Trudie also loves her little dog bed - soon to be painted maybe a different shade of green - still picking a color here.  However, it must be patched up first because Everett, I break everything, Reid stood in it and broke it.  Poor Trudie can't have anything nice!