Over at Ethel Edith I have been very busy.  We have a new, amazing client that is a photographer.  She's very talented & she brought us some project pieces.  I'm currently working on a precious small crib for her photo shoots & she also needed some pillows to fit in the crib.

Voila - a trip by my two lovely sisters - and I had fabric.

Sew (pun intended) - I began sewing.  Luckily the crib perfectly fits a standard pillow, so I made envelope pillow cases to help the photographer in washing these pillows.  Since I have had babies, I know if they are nude on a pillow - lots of things can happen!

I was lucky enough to have enough extra fabric to make my babies their own pillow as well.

They were both thrilled to say the least!  They sleep in bed together in Everett's room & they each have to have their new pillows & all their blankets piled on high!

Jade wasn't aware that I was snapping his picture too, but I captured it at just the right moment & it's pretty sweet!

You may not catch this, but this photo is a perfect example of why Aubrie wears glasses.  Her left eye is slightly crossed in this photo.  It's easier to see when you notice that white glare on her eye is in two different spots when looking at you - if her eyes did not cross you'd have two eye glares in the same position.  So, my constant rant - take those babies & get their eyes check - worth every cent you'll pay to know they can see!