Aubrie's room is one of my favorite rooms.  I don't know why, I think because it's so girly and this girl has some wonderful collections.  Things I have collected and handed to her for her future home.  I figure it is never too young to start collecting & decorating.  She feels the same way & loves to tell me when I have poorly decorated something, or when she LOVES something I have done!

She loves this monkey & her bedding - so do I!  Even better is her old iron bed - it's fabulous!

She wanted to pose in this picture.  Her pjs are the best - thanks Mom!  She's pretty sweet too - see that Care Bear - she's taking it back 80's style - she LOVES the Care Bears!  She has a lot of old vintage floral prints in her room - I love them!  She's also rocking a Cardinals pitcher statue on the top of that corner cabinet - she loves it and it cracks me up!

This shelf is great in pink & it holds so many treasures.  I love the old baby pictures & the old shoes.  The button planter is my favorite, but I also love the old baby cup too!  Sorry the coloring of this photo is a bit odd.

Here is an up close and personal with the button planter - isn't it fabulous - I know it really is! 

This cabinet is actually 2 pieces - they didn't come together, but they look like they were made for each other.  This holds Aubrie's prized collections.  She started a snow globe collection - see them on top - yep Ev can't reach those babies!  I also have a stork plate on the wall & in my pink bathroom (it also holds a baby collection - I have a large 2' stork - LOVE!)

That little sign says - "My Prince Did Come, His Name Is Daddy"  Jade adored it when she got it as a gift - I love it too!

I used to collect elephants of all kinds.  I have always loved elephants - why I do not know.  So Aubrie now keeps my collection in her room & loves them too.  See the Little Fox book - my maiden name is Fox - too perfect!  You'll see little foxes a lot in my home.

I also have a fairly decent sized baby collection that Aubrie keeps for me.  I adore these things.  Two old vintage baby books, a cross from her baptism day & baby boot planters.  They are all perfect collections for a tiny shabby chic little girl.

So this was an up close & personal view of Aubrie's collections.  I hope you love them as much as she does.  To see more of her room, visit here.