The title of this post says it all. 

That's right, we now own Kids Bop 17.  So if you see me rolling around town jamming - I have probably forgot the kids are not in the car & haven't realized I'm singing to Kids Bop still.

The best part is - when Aubrie opened her Valentine's package & found this CD - she almost screamed in excitement & said "Oh my - I have always wanted this" - yes I'm that good with gifts!  Plus, if you know me - I say oh my a lot!  The second best part is that Everett bobs his head to the beat with a huge grin while Aubrie tries to sing and trill her voice like she's Rhianna - it's fantastic & I love it full time!

She also told me, that she would go anywhere with Kids Bop on.  Yes - hilarious!

P.S.   The front speakers in my Jeep are dead - so we play all music in the back & for me to hear it, it must be loud - so literally I am bumping like a 16 year old with a new amp and subs!  Besides - in Shelbyville - it really is a Party in the USA!