Have you ever played I've Never?

Well typically it's played as a drinking game.  I'm pretty sure I probably played it in college because well I did a tad bit too much drinking in my younger years!  (However, I got amazing grades & I grew out of it - I rarely drink anymore).

I thought it would be a fun game to share with my followers.

I've never lived in a big city - Carbondale was the biggest. 

I've never been west of Colorado.  (Really Kansas City, but I did visit my best friend once - briefly in Colorado)

I've never surfed, but I think I could.  I used to have amazing balance pre-kids!  That's how I was the flier when I cheered.

I've never been to Europe, or Africa, or South America, or Australia - but I'd like to go.

I've never owned a brand new car - I'd like to change this b/c I dislike my current Jeep.

I've never been on a blind date - thank the lord here.

I've never grown out of my college music tastes.  I'm so sorry, but I still really love me some rap music when the babies aren't around.  I love to dance & the beat calls my name!

I've never been a smoker.  I tried a couple times in college just to make Jade mad - I threw up both times - awful!

I've never been outgoing.  I tend to be very shy and don't like to be the center of attention, but once I know you - I never shut up!  However, in a business environment I make myself talk - it's odd.

I've never wanted to marry anyone but Jade.  I knew at 14 he was my man - I love it that we grew up together as best friends!

I've never read the entire Bible, but it's a goal in my life.  I've also never been great with prayer - I lose focus and my mind goes wandering on crazy tangents- working on that too!

I've never had long hair.  The longest it has been is to my shoulders or a tad longer.  I can't ever grow it out - I get too impatient.

I've never been artistic.  I can paint my house & decorate - I know what I love, but I can't draw anything or paint anything very well.  Well sometimes I make amazing cartoons out of ordinary objects (pencils crayons scissors, but they aren't great).

I've never been able to stop biting my nails.  It's a hideous habit, and I realized last night that I have done it every day my entire life.  I get fake nails & I leave them alone, sometimes I grow them a bit, but it never lasts.  This is something I truly hate that I do, but I can't kick it - I bite them and I'm completely unaware that I'm doing it.

I've never wanted my pre-baby body more!  Why didn't I know how great I looked then?!? 

I've never been more proud to be a Mom.  I love it, and it has changed me in huge ways.  I easily cry now about silly things, and I'm very passionate about my family.  I have always been a super loyal person so I can get easily ruffled if it comes to them.  It's funny how the girl who used to worry what everyone thought, now cares what no one thinks and would even tell them so.

I've never had a normal bladder post kids.  It's awful, but I seriously want the surgery some day to allow me to sneeze without crossing my legs to avoid peeing myself - I deserve that!
I've never been more proud of my husband.  He built us a beautiful home - such a dream of ours.  Now, he's following his dream with his surveying company - I couldn't be more proud.  He is a great man.

I've never known what I want to be.  I wanted to be a vet when I was little.  However, vet school is nearly impossible to get into - way tougher than med school.  So I abandoned that dream b/c IL only accepts 60 students a year - talk about difficult.  This blows Jade's mind about me.  I always just wanted to be a Mom and do what my Mom did - furniture.  So I'm doing that on the side and it makes me feel a lot more like me again.

I've never not found things I like in other peoples homes.  I have a unique personal style, but I have a huge broad love of decor as a whole.  I always love house stalking in real life & in magazines :)

I've never been good at being serious.

I've never been able to skip a season of American Idol.  Even when they sing the stupid themes week to week - I tune in & usually cry - why?!?

I've never seen a single episode of Lost & can't understand what all the fuss is about.

I've never enjoyed watching or reading something more than once.  I can do it, but I hate knowing what is coming.  I could never know what was coming in life - it would kill me!

I've never really been into sports & can't understand why people get so excited for players & teams that they don't know personally.  I can watch someone I know play and get excited, but that's about it.  However, I'll go watch the Cardinals with Jade b/c I like to people watch & eat the food.

I've never been able to do a single standing back flip.  It really irritates me.  I've been very very close, but I never did it, and now I'll probably never be able to do it.

I've never ran more than 2 miles - I'd like to say I'm a runner.  That I love to run & I'm fit and trim from it, but unfortunately that's not happening right now in my life.

I've never had thin thighs.  Or in my eyes I have never had thin thighs.  I call them woogies & they woogie way too much when I walk!

  I've never liked brown painted furniture.  I'm sorry Abbie, I just can't lie here - it's like trying to pull off a wood look with paint.  I just can't do it.  However, I love paint any other color on furniture.
That's probably a lot of ridiculousness for one day.  Maybe I should do a post on I haves - seemed easier when I was thinking about I've nevers because I tend to try and do something when someone says I can't!