It's not often that I buy really nice underwear.  Shoot, I'm a Mom and Aubrie gets all the cute underwear with Dora all over them (not that I want Dora underwear, but still!)  However, Victoria's Secret had a big sale so I splurged.  I got some really nice seamless underwear.  They are really comfortable & the sides are  heat seamed together rather than sewn.  So when I wear my skinny jeans, I don't have those red underwear lines all over my body - you know what I'm talking about ladies!

So this past Saturday I had a great day with my girl friends.  We toured a new amazing home that my friend just purchased.  If you are a house stalker like me, you would have just swooned over the floors, woodwork, the original windows, the aged turet roof - beautiful!  They are doing a lot of work on it, and I'm dying to see it finished!  So much beautiful potential!

Then we hit up a favorite of mine, TJ Maxx.  We topped off the day with Dear John & dinner at O'Charley's.  Then, it happened to me.  I go in the bathroom expecting nothing.  Then, I go to pull up my recently new underwear and poof.  Literally a LOUD - POOF!  So loud my friends thought I had passed some serious gas.  I start laughing uncontrolably in my stall as do they.  However, they didn't know that the side of my underwear just exploded!  That's right, the hip side of my underwear exploded on me.  So what is a girl to do?  I couldn't hip tie my underwear on one side!  I had to rip apart the other side of my underwear and stuff them in my purse.

Needless to say, our husbands always wonder what we are doing on our Girls Days when we are out for 10 hours.  They think we are just living high on the hog & drinking daquiris at every stop we make!  So, for once, Jade really did wonder what we did on Girls Day since his wife came home in the buff with only her skinny jeans on!

*My unfortunate disclaimer is none of the pictuers referenced above are my body.  They were found on Google images & VS, however they are much larger than my skinny body - HA - I wish!*