Since I shared my I Nevers - I thought I should share the I Haves.  Please enjoy!

I have been to China.  I went to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, & Guangzhou.  I will say it was a once in a lifetime trip.  I went for work - purchasing pet supplies.  I've never experience anything like it and I could write a blog or 3 about everything.  And - FYI - it wasn't cultural like I expected - it was industrial - shocking I know!  I slept a lot of the time because I was pregnant with Aubrie and didn't know it!

I have flown in a helicopter & a private jet.  Again - with my old job.  I flew in the helicopter about weekly all over 5 states around IL.  I almost died 2  times in very near crashes - scary, but I found that I instantly bow my head in prayer - that's good right!  The private jet wasn't as often, but I went in it several times as well.

I have been in love.  I have only loved one man and I still love that one man. 

I have been heart broken.  Jade & I broke up a total of 3 times since I was 14 - we are idiots basically.  Every time I was just heartbroken, but we couldn't stay away - we loved each other & God had a plan!

I have cheered, stunted, been dropped, and lifted time and time again.  For a shy at first person - I loved to cheer.  I was loud - over the top happy & on top of the hands of my friends I was on fire - LOVED stunting.  Which is weird b/c they dropped me far too often.  I also was very jealous that they started going to State after I was in high school - we were darn good - we should have competed too!

I have coached cheerleading for a summer - you'd be shocked at how early 14 girls get up and blare rap music!

I have gained and lost over 60 pounds in my life.  I once topped 200 - gasp!  My only excuse was precious Aubrie.

I have become best friends with my sisters & my wonderful Mom.  Without them - I don't know what type of person I'd be, but I wouldn't be who I am today.

I have become a Mom & have a new appreciation for everything my parents have ever given me.  I have a new respect for them because they have always found a way to make God's trials impact their lives in a positive way.
I have sold a car on Ebay.  A 1976 Manila yellow Ford Gran Torino - to a guy in England.  I then helped him ship it across the Atlantic ocean.  It was insane & very exciting.

I have drove a Ford Gran Torino as fast as I could until the steering wheel shook.  I think it was around 100 - sorry Mom - I was 16 & the Clarksburg blacktop is perfect for this type of activity!

I have learned to forgive grudges!  This is HUGE for me!

I have learned to love Diet Coke.

I have been shoulder deep in the behind of a cow.  We collected fecal samples for a research study at SIUC & lube was not allowed.  My partner Rick had to push me in - sounds pleasant doesn't it.  Although I laughed soooo hard & remember it so vividly that it still cracks me up!

I have my own pair of Carhartts & muck boots.  I have also worn shorts with farm boots - hot huh!

I have worked at a vet clinic - loved it and could do it for life - I enjoy animals far too much!

I have sang "Wrap, wrap it up, wrap it up!"  Behind Subway counters when I was a sandwich artist.

I have pumped gas, pumped septic tanks clean, moved boats, and met out of towners when I worked at the local marina in the summers.  It was a very fun job for a 16 year old.

I have water skied, tubed, & kneeboarded - loved it all.

I have snow skied into a tree - not so fond of snow skiing because I can't control my speed at all.  I'm like a rocket down the hill.  I have always been taught in life to fall on my butt - well with two enormous skis - it's just not possible!

I have been a book expert at a college book store!

I have gotten stuck in Fat Man Squeeze in Carbondale in my very thin days.  That sucks Shakira hips!

I have paid off all my school loans!

I have become a successful slum lord.

I have laughed until I peed my pants.  Too many times to count!  I have also cried from laughing too hard!  This is common for me.

I have lived a very blessed life meeting so many friends through grade school & college that are still my good friends.

I have graduated from a university with high honors.  Yes, baby I did it!

I have missed lost family members & cried my eyes out over their loss.

I have been puked on, crapped on, peed on, and had kids wipe their noses on me too.  I never thought I'd do any of these things.

I have had a baby in less than 4 hours.  I was induced, but 2 hours of pain - not too bad!

I have given my children names where nurses think they are calling on an 80 year old, then they get my kids.  It's all out of respect and love for our grandparents.  Plus, I think their old names are cool.

I have learned to stand up for myself & I have learned who I am.

I have evolved into a very colorful decorator with eclectic tastes.

I have learned so much about accounting at my current job - it's amazing!

I have become a blogger!

What are your I Nevers & I Haves?