Lately, my blog has been really focused on my family & me.  However, I want this blog to be a reflection of my entire life.  With that being said, a big piece of my heart is in my home. 

My crazy, bold and bright, chippy paint with rummage sale spray painted finds home.  Filled with treasures that most people leave by the curb home.

So, since I have been so busy with Ethel Edith, I haven't been updating my home very much. 

Of course, this will all change when spring officially rolls in.  With spring I have to change all my pillows and throws, bring out my fake spring flowers, and just update my house overall.  I can't help myself!  Even when I say I don't want to go crazy redecorating - I still do. 

Also, Mom I want to rearrange my entire living room so I  need your help if I'm tackling all of that!  In order to do this - I still need a Periodic Table of Elements (perfect for behind my sofa - I'm envisioning it now - yeah perfect) - so please dear readers - someone hook a girl up!  I'll pay you well for one!

So in the meantime - I'm opening it up to you all.  Since I don't have new projects in my house & it's not yet spring.  Is there anything you want to see in my home?  Do you have any questions about the building process or how Jade learned to do everything he did?  Feel free to ask me anything.  I have posted my entire house, but mainly my favorite pieces - not entire room views.  So if you want more - ask and yee shall receive!

As always - thank you for reading my day to day randomness - I appreciate you more than you know :)