Elise at Elise is....Content gave me this award!!

This is called The Bogart.

It means you're really going places, Baby.
You'll still be blogging about your great adventures 10 years from now,
and I'll still be reading them.

The Rules:
Link back to the blogger who sent you the award.
Post where you would like to be in 10 years.
Pass this on to 10 other special bloggers.

Oh me oh my 10 years?!?  This is a bit terrifying because Aubrie will be 14 going on 15 and my wild Everett Mason will be 12 going on 13!  I can't even imagine.

I really think my life will be a lot of the same, or I hope it will be!  I plan to be in the same house still madly in love with the same man.  I think I'll be going on more dates with that man - can  you say woot woot to that!  Maybe even a vacation or 2 as well.

I'm still on the fence about another baby, but if I had a 3rd, I'd be excited about it too!  I definitely want to do that before 10 years though if we pursue!

My biggest hope is that Jade's Land Surveying business is very successful.  I am sure that it will be, and it will make our lives a lot easier - finances wise, but also happiness wise.  We won't have the stress and worry that we do over it now, we'll just be stressing over getting all the work done rather than finding work - that would be a huge gift!

I want to be more involved in our church & I want to grow to be a stronger Christian.  I always get nervous about talking about Jesus, because I don't know my Bible very well at all.  I know that I love Jesus, and God gave me the gift of ever lasting life with him in heaven.  So I have a lot of learning to do so I can actually talk with people about things rather than thinking my thoughts alone and not saying them out loud b/c I really don't know my Bible and it's obvious!

I hope that I'm still in love with junk & my house, and I figure I will still be - Mom warped me into it and no one can take it away from me now!  I just hope that in 10 years I have some more time to dedicate to it.  I also hope I'm much thinner & that I get to buy clothes for myself instead of my kids.  I doubt the last two happen anytime soon though! 

I also really look forward to some me time.  In 10 years I can go anywhere, and I don't have to take my kids.  That may sound awful, but sometimes it is nice to go to Kohls to try on jeans without parking the cart by the door so Everett can't squeeze under it.  I just ask for a little Annie time!

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if you weren't tagged, oh lovely follower/friend, i still want to know where you would like to be in 10 years!!