Your questions are answered!  This was fun for me too!

Miss Mustard Seed  asked - The colors you have in your home are bold, but they aren't crazy. Everything works really well together. What is your process for choosing the perfect shades and colors?

I actually did a blog I think in December about my paint colors.  You can find it right here.  To give you a brief summary - I went with my gut - it was risky but I'm glad I did it.  Ace Hardware had all kinds of paint brochures and it featured homes in the colors of that brochure.  I kept going back to the same brochure because I loved the interior look of the houses in it.  So I took a leap & went bold.  I kept everything in the same intensity & that helps keep things cohesive.  I love that I have white wood trim - it makes things really pop.  I also think my textured walls play a bit more with the color & that makes my paint really special.  I always am a bit sad though when I post pictures of my house b/c my camera plays with the color a bit.  Taking better pictures is something I want to learn!  Sometimes my walls looks a bit too far out there when captured on film, when in fact the colors are bold, but very comfortable & homey.  I'm glad my Mom always taught me to do decorate with what you love b/c it will all come together - so true b/c I love my bold and unique home. asked - I love your red house. It's a bold choice, do you have any regrets?  I bet you don't, since you're a color girl! :)

I don't have any regrets.  I have worries that the siding will fade - then I will regret the color.  However, I love my red house.  I live in an older town & I have always had a love of bungalows.  I am a house stalker & I love to look at the historic homes in town.  The house plan I picked out is a bit of a bungalow.  My favorite bungalows in town are red or brown - so I went with red b/c they pretty much guaranteed me the brown would absolutely fade.  They were pretty confidant the red wouldn't - so I took the plunge.  My house looks great in the summer with all the trees & my flags all done up patriotic style.  It also is pretty in the winter with snow, greenery & lights for Christmas.  I really love the red!  I'm glad I did it!

Amy also asked - Okay- um, when are you girls going to start showing us the goods from Ethel Edith???  C'mon, we're ready. We can handle it.

Amy - you crack me up!  We actually worked our butts off Sunday.  We refinished 2 large dressers for one of Maggie's stylists.  They are stunning right now in my garage!  When I left for work I thought oh my goodness - those look really great!  So I do have pictures on my camera, and hopefully soon I can share!  We also finished an adorable 3 drawer gray dresser with crystal knobs & 2 white chairs with yellow & white fabric seats if that is a teaser for you!  Since I have been sick I haven't staged anything lately!  It takes a lot of energy for me to pull out the pieces, up the stairs, & then walk around my house staging.  I do have a lot of fun with it, and hopefully later this week I can motivate my butt to stage something special just for you!!

Flea Market Trixie asked - Do you watch HGTV? if so who is your favorite designer? & Also, what is your favorite color?

I absolutely watch HGTV!  My favorite designer is Candace Olsen of Divine Design.  If I had the cash to do what that lady does - I can't even imagine!  She puts together some of the most breath-taking spaces & I am constantly wowed by her!  I want her job actually!!  I may have surprised some of you with this answer b/c I definitely don't have a swanky house, but I love her style.  I think one of the best things I learned from my Mom is the ability to appreciate something in everyones style.  I know my style is very unique from most people.  I'm just thrilled that in the blogging world - people find a way to appreciate it and like it for what it is!  So you may notice that I will post pictures on Ethel Edith, or here that may not look like my personal style, but all the same I find them beautiful!  I always tease Jade that I want 10 houses to decorate in different styles - I really do!

My favorite color is actually red.  This is too a bit surprising because I don't have a lot of red on the inside of my house :)  However, the outside is red & I love it!  I think red is just a really gorgeous color!  It can be very overwhelming - that's why I use it as more of my pops of color rather than an entire room.  Which - Everett's room is barn red, but it's because he's a tiny farmer!  In all honesty I love all colors though.  Turquoise & pink are two runner ups for me as well.  Perhaps an easier question is which color do I like the least - that would probably be purple.  I don't know why, but I just am not a purple lover - it's the only color I don't have anywhere in my house.

My sister Maggie asked - who is your favorite sister? me or Abbie? oh wait i know this's so obvious it's me! haha

This is a common question we tease each other with.  Our Mom even writes in our cards -'PS you are my favorite'.  In fact both my sisters are my favorites for very different reasons.  I love them both and I'm extremely blessed that I have grown up & found best friends in them - and that they live in my town!  I can't imagine life without my two sisters!  Thank you Dad for having them as the twinkles in your eyes before you even knew!

PS - if you have more questions or have something in my house you want to see - always feel free to leave a comment or send an email to me.  I love reading everything you say to me & I never miss a comment :)