Maggie for some reason asked me to blog my wedding.  It seems so funny, because it's been nearly 6 years ago.  Jade & I have changed so much since that day, physically & mentally (I wish just mentally!)!  It's probably because she cried so hard that day that her face was all red and balled up like a gremlin and she can't remember it fully - sorry Mags!  So without further adieu -
We were married March 20, 2004 - and I have no idea what time - I think 4?!?  We had been a couple for 7 years at this point & were still are best friends.  We got engaged November 1st, 2003 & my Mom put the whole wedding together in a hurry b/c I didn't want a long engagement.  We were both out of college after December & we wanted to be married fast!  She did a great job & I was so glad she planned most of it for me because I just wanted to be married - I didn't care about all the details that come along with wedding planning!  Until we got married, I lived at home & he lived in our trailer in the country that my family fixed up for us.

I carried a family bible with flowers.  Don't we look young!  I worked at a farm supply store as a manager over the feed department.  I hauled around 2000 lb pallets on carts & restacked 50 lb bags of feed all day.  I was in the best shape of my life & didn't even know it!  My friends kept commenting about it, but I had no idea - I should have gotten married in a bikini - so stupid that I didn't know it then!

My bridesmaids all carried lanterns with candles & flowers on top.
From left to right is Elly (a best friend), Maggie, me, Melissa (a best friend & my maid of honor), Abbie, and Jessie (my cousin).  My flower girl was Syndney - one of my cousin Ellen's twins.  Her brother, Chase, was our ring bearer.

My old church in town is just gorgeous - aren't those windows just stunning!  Plus, the entire church is turquoise - it's just such a pretty church.  I don't go to church there now, but that's a different story :)

My parents & I.  I thought my Dad looked really handsome in this picture all dolled up & my Mom's eyes were both open.  She has a problem taking pictures and looking like her actual self - usually we all laugh hysterically because she looks crazy in pictures - but this is a nice one of her too.  FYI - Mom if you ever find your Sea World pass - I call dibs on it!

Our limo literally didn't show up.  We walked out of the church - everyone cheered & we had nothing to get into.  So my Mom's good friend saved the day.  She sent her husband home & he got his camper & took us to the reception.  It was really a great time & we were actually glad the limo forgot us!

Here are my grandparents.  On the far left is my late Grandpa Everett & Grandma Connie.  To my right is Grandma Leta, Grandma "Toots" & Grandpa Howard.  I love that Toots & Howard always match - they are adorable!  It's kind of a random photo at the reception, but my photographer wasn't great.  She showed up late - with a black eye - and claimed she wasn't in a bar fight. MMM Hmmm yeah - I think she was at The Spigot or The Hilltop the night before!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day.  They played "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" dedicated to my Grandpa Everett.  He was a life-time farmer & farmed with my Dad.  I saw him pretty much every day when I lived at home.  He'd pull up in his pickup truck around 7AM I believe after visiting every gas station in town gathering his coffee, cigars, & snack cakes for the day.  He danced with me and we had so much fun!  He was so cute & I still miss him way too much!