For those of you around little kids, you know they bombard you with questions constantly.  I often find some of these questions a bit tough to explain. 

Aubrie is 4, and she talks non-stop.  She's always asking me things about God - always hard to explain!  She then wanted to know in detail about tampons - that was a conversation!  I told her they were for Mommies and very large Qtips - I wasn't quite honest there!  When her best friend Millie told her that babies come out of vaginas - Jade & I both cringed for that explanation (Aubrie had no questions there?!?).  You never know what question is going to trump you on any given day!

Her new one is on aging.  When Jade turned 30, Aubrie was very concerned.  She kept talking about moving.  I explained to her that we will never ever move, and that we live in our forever house.  I finally got to the problem.  She thinks (even after much discussion) that every year you keep growing.  She's just certain that Jade is soon going to be so big that he will "crack our house"!  Isn't that hilarious!  She really can't understand why my Grandma Toots & Grandpa Howard haven't cracked their house b/c they are really old! 

Jade has to be HUGE to crack this house!

(Poor Aubrie - every picture has glasses glare!)

Grandma & Grandpa

So how do you explain to a 4 year old all the complicating things in life?  I have found I either have to fib a bit, distract her until she moves onto something else, or attempt an explanation that she adamantly thinks is wrong....often after turning my head in disbelief to giggle a bit!