OK I'm cracking up that I'm even sharing these with you!  You must be VERY close friends to witness what I'm about to post.

I have talked a bit about my pregnancies.  I told you I gained a whopping 66 pounds with Aubrie - I think around 40 with Ev.  However - side note - I am back to my old weight (I'd say size, but my muscle disappeared) - yeah me!  So behold - me in all my large glory!  A post all about huge Annie!

December 2005

This was right before I had Aubrie.  I was trying to hide from the camera - can you believe I thought I could hide!  My head is literally like 1/4 the size of my belly - let alone my body!  My hand is all swollen like a marshmallow with no joints in it.  You'll see later that I get huge when I'm pregnant & I can only fit into these jeans & the orange tank top beneath that hoodie.  It's a nice look I know.  Maggie looks pretty righteous here as well.  Isn't Trudie young & tiny - gosh Trudie what happened?!?

These are my feet while I'm waiting on Aubrie to arrive.  Yes - my size 6.5 feet looked like this!  Check out the ankle folds!  This is something they don't tell you about having kids - your feet may swell - yes they share that - but they never say they may swell this huge.  You'll get foot rubs every night, but it will hurt soooo bad you'll want to bawl!  Unfortunately for me - my feet were this size for probably 2 months leading to December and I couldn't fit my ankles into size 11 snow boots - seriously?!?  Worse off my legs were swollen to my knees - I have knee stretch marks - really what the crap!  Hello ugly brown crocs in the snow with black dress pants & spare socks in your purse - yes I rocked that style religiously to work!  I was one not so hot mama!

This is Aubrie, my beautiful 7lb 12 oz 20 1/2" baby on December 20th.  She was just so pretty with her dark hair.  They induced me 2 weeks early with her - because I was so huge!  She was really due January 1st.  She was still a decent sized baby for 2 weeks early!

Here she is at her baptism at 2 months rocking her crazy monkey hair.  She wore her great, great grandpa Jack's gown -it was very special.

August 2007

Here I am again - this time with Everett - rocking out my too tight of jeans & orange tank top - the only things that fit.  As you can tell - our trailer was quickly being outgrown with toys!

Here is Everett - my 8lb 11 oz 21" baby boy.  He was born August 16 - 4 days late.  He was a chunk.  My body doesn't do the going into labor thing on it's own for some reason so I was induced again.  The Dr. said he had a ton of black hair during delivery.  Well, I was shocked to realize - umm no - he's practically bald compared to his big sister.  PS - my husband has beautiful eyes & lashes - and he passed them on to my babies!

Here we are at home.  Aubrie is wearing her brand spanking new glasses.  She was still a baby herself at 20 months.  I was so happy that she could actually see my face when I held her - and her brothers too!  Everett was quite the chub & slept constantly - a huge change from his big sister who never ever slept.  I still had Abbie's nose in this picture & I look exhausted and I'm sure that I was!