Dear Sisters & Mom,

Don't fall off your chairs when I say this, but Jade is considering...

getting a tattoo. 

Can you believe this?

My man pretty, clean shaven (or he prefers to be - I prefer his goatee), button up shirt loving man - may get a tattoo!  Even crazier - he thinks I should pick it out!  I mean really - who picks out tattoos for other people?  It's on your body - so you pick it out right.

I for one am shocked, but I like the idea.  I have always liked more rugged men, and I guess Jade has turned into a hard working farm boy.  But deep down - he's just straight man pretty.

PS - Abbie - please advise Jade to not get the same tramp stamp "WHISKY" (yes this is the spelling he has) tattoo that Zac has on his upper ass crack. 

*I wish I had a picture of this, because every time I remember Zac has it - I crack up!  I guess that's what happens when SIUC goes wild...sorry in advance Zac*