My Dad is a special man.  He's the type of man everyone hopes their daughter marries.  He's a manly man.  He loves to read (this shocks people because he's quite a hick too), he leaves my Mom romantic love letters, he loves to mentor unruly boys & turn them into men with a purpose, he loves his job - which is farming, cattle & anything else he picks up, he puts his family first & always helps out, and most importantly he has always loved my Mom.  That's the best gift a father can give to his children - I believe!

My Dad was instrumental in building our house.  He taught my husband so many things & we will forever be grateful to him.  We never even imagined we would build a house.  A fixer upper in the country was our hope, but building a house on our dream land - with Jade's two hands - no hired contractor - never thought about it at all.  Until Dad said we could do it.  So I promise him when he's old and needs help, he can move into my basement & use my pink bathroom.  He replies - he'll burn it down first!  He's ornery too!

Here is my dad in the center.  This was some of the coldest weather we had.  I will never forget when they put the roof on the house.  I took chili for lunch & about died it was so cold.

Here is is again putting the first floor joists & sheeting I think they are called on.

He loves my kids & is a great Pa.  He also has a black eye here - probably from fighting a cow.  Which you are thinking - he fights cows?  Oh yes, he is like a ninja with the cows.  You now are thinking - cows aren't aggressive.  Well sometimes when you try and put them in a chute to fix a broken foot or pink eye - they get aggressive & they head butt you, they kick you hard, and they knock you down.  Cows are mean, they run, & with the amount of weight they are working with - they can seriously injure a person.  If you are my Dad & they knock you down - you then poke them in the eye.  Which I think is hilarious!  Please note - he loves his cows too.  He talks & sings to them & if he calls Sicalf real loud - they follow him like children - chase him on his gator rather to the food - most of his cows are in love with him.  However, some try and fight him and that's when they get poked in the eye - it's the life you lead with cattle.

He is a jack of all trades.  He can run equipment, weld, build anything you want, plumb, do electrical work - he's an overall handy man to have around.

When it comes to lifting - he's not afraid here either.  He's holding my porch post on his shoulder all nonchalant.  Well that baby was big - and heavy!  See the finished picture below.  PS - he built these too!

He loves when the kids visit his farm.  He wears overalls & Carhartts.  He drives a semi-truck - or two.  He can't wait to make Everett a farmer - which for a 2 year old - he's already succeeding!

Then he can also hold a stick if you tell him to.  It's very important if you want a level basement!

Thanks Dad for everything, especially loving my Mom & letting her stay home with us girls as we grew up!