Jade & I had an absolute blast away for the weekend! 

As you know we went to Nashville.  It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive, but a very beautiful drive!

We seriously gorged ourselves on wonderful food.

We both ate some amazing filets & lobster tails at Ruth Chris Steakhouse.  I seriously couldn't finish my meal & I never do that!  Jade & I also have a serious steak problem.  My Dad is a cattle farmer, so my freezer is year round stocked with all kinds of beef.  His steaks are like nothing you have ever tasted.  I order steak out and about and I'm always disappointed - it's NEVER that good.  However, Ruth Chris is the closest I've ever had.  It still wasn't as good as my Dad's, but it was still pretty delicious!

Saturday we ate at a restaurant called the Aquarium.  It was in the mall & a lot like Rain Forest CafĂ©.  However, it had a huge aquarium stocked with fish bigger than my kids, sharks, eels, and huge sting rays.  The food was actually really good, and the scene was amazing.

Please ignore my terrible cell phone picture, but isn't this fish huge!  Aubrie was just sure Jade was trying to kiss it!

Saturday night we had a really late dinner & went to The Melting Pot.  We've never had fondue & it was actually really great as well.  We sat in a booth together.  I always thought sitting by your spouse in a booth was rather odd, but in our booth was a semi-circle so we had to sit by each other.  It was actually really romantic - who knew!

Our favorite part out was definitely the music.  We ran into one of Jade's old co-workers Friday night & ran around with them.  We went to The Stage on Broadway & saw two live bands.  Todd Sansom below was the lead singer of the second band.  We had such a great time because they played modern country & a little bit of rock to make me happy.  Todd Sansom also sang Saturday night at Legends Corner so we watched him again there - he was really great on stage!

Todd Sansom - Jade has already I Tuned this guy!

We also went Friday to a bar called Robert's.  The guy in this photo is who we saw.  I am a bit burned out from country because of my daughter (we listened to 2+ hours of country top 20 every night until she was 2 at bedtime - that's a lot of country!).  This band was some serious RFD - old old honky tonk country.  I wasn't a huge fan, but Jade was digging it.  The funniest part was the lead singer literally had 6 shooters tied onto his thighs - I wish you could have seen & heard this stuff - priceless.  Not to mention I ran into a Wayne Newton look alike & got my picture by him - legendary!

Oh & the highlight - Jade got called "hot" by a 60 year old woman!  Apparently 30 is old if 60 year old women think they have a shot with you!  And no - she was not a cougar - unfortunately for Jade!