I read a blog & she said her style was Casual Chic.  Then she said - what is your style?

Well, naming my style is something I haven't ever been able to do.  I used to be very Pottery Barn & Pier 1 - more traditional than now with a bit of funk I think.  My house used to be an olive green, with reds, & golds.  For a newlywed - I had a nice house trailer with furniture in every room!  I was a bargain shopper, rummage sale queen, & Family Dollar was my best friend!  You could get a cute lamp for $10 there - can't beat that price - really you can't!

Now my style is so much more eclectic.  It seems to be ever evolving every time I go junking.  I never dreamed my house would be what it is today.  I even bought a really expensive light olive green leather recliner in our trailer & said to Jade I'll always use this color.  Well it's kind of out of place now, it still works, but I'm not sure it always will.  Since we built I can't put a finger on what I am anymore.  I have bold colors, but I love rusty metal & industrial items.

 I also love modern fabrics and old family prints.  Old school maps, eye charts, and science posters drive me wild.  (FYI - if anyone ever ever sees a chart of elements - call me immediately!  I may sound insane, but I'd give an arm & a leg for a large chart of elements poster!  I'm not even joking here!)

Aubrie's room is shabby chic with a twist of bold cornflower paint - perfect for her!  My kitchen is more vintage than the rest of my house with old chalk vegetables from my Grandma, but yet my kitchen island is from the 1800's and I'm in love with it.  I even collect some chickens - doesn't sound like I would, but I really like old chickens!

Animal prints scream my name, and unfortunately I can't pass up a good zebra throw.  I just can't!  I love chippy painted furniture more than anything, but until I can afford only those pieces - I use lots of spray paint.  I love leather because my kids spray juice and chocolate milk out of their mouths daily & my dog Trudie sneezes (yes she does) constantly!  Everything washes right off!

  I have a house mainly made up of large ceramic floor tiles - I LOVE it!  Seriously, last March Aubrie & Everett threw up at least 10-20x a day (Aubrie had to be hospitalized it was so bad - entirely separate post there) & my tile was my best friend.  I can ALWAYS disinfect some tile!

Somehow with all my randomness I have bought so many things that I love.  Anymore, I would struggle to say this is my favorite thing.  Don't get me wrong - I have all kinds of things I'd love to toss in a heartbeat, but I keep them until their replacement calls my name across a junky flea market!  If something calls my name, I typically buy it or I regret it and think about it for months!  (Sorry really long low gray bench, and fabulous yellow green bench from Bloomington last April - I really wish I had you now & it makes me sad.)

So does anyone know what my style is?  Are you a professional style labler?  Can you name it for me?  Mom a little help here?

Am I modern country?  Is that what you call me?  I know I'm not straight modern or country, I'm not shabby chic (deep appreciation of it though & think Maggie leans this way w/ a tad more color), I'm not traditional, I'm not really vintage either (Abbie is though)...what am I?