I have two blog stalkers out there that never ever comment.  Why don't you two comment?!?  However, I hear they stay up way too late at night stalking me. 

I know why though.  They like my stories!  They have heard a lot of them, and unfortunately have shared a bed with me when I talk into the wee hours of the night about absolutely everything I know.  I'm bad about that - talking all night long when I should be sleeping!  They fill a lot of my stories from when I was young & thin!

Meet Melissa & Elly.  My lifelong best friends!

I met Melissa when I was 7 years old.  This past year we celebrated 20 years together.  She lived down the road & I was assigned to sit in school bus seat with her and her older sister Leslie.  They are both firecrackers - I'm not even joking here!  They have red hair & their eyes are the color of their hair.  They would hide from me on the bus & I always found them.  I am not a rule breaker & I sit where I'm told.  Well - eventually they both fell in love with me.  Leslie is like an older sister & Melissa has always been one of my very best friends.  We have laughed and cried together too many times to count.

We used to spend the night at each other's houses every weekend & Melissa was like a daughter to my parents as well.  She was the one who always got me to do the things I'd swear I'd never do.  She even introduced me to Jade after I swore I was not at all interested - and would never be interested in him - and that I knew exactly what her thought process was in introducing us since she was dating Jade's best friend.  Apparently she was right with that one though!  She is now a wife & mother to 3 kids.  She teaches Special Ed & is going back to school for more education - truly an inspiration to me.  I don't have any desire to go back to school - right now anyway - let alone doing it while working full-time with 3 children! 

Elly and I became good friends in I believe 4th grade, but I think we all 3 became a group of best friends in probably Jr. High.  She was that crazy girl who smeared cheese on her face to get the laughs during lunch & also detentions.  She's a drop dead gorgeous blond & a runner.  Something I completely admire her for because running about kills me - literally!  She too was the girl who was always got me involved in things I swore I wouldn't do - often at Key Club conventions & Church camp.  Places you are supposed to be good & learning things - we were always mischievous & with Elly - there were always boys around!  I'm obviously easily swayed into doing anything when I have my two amigos with me!  Elly is also a mother to a beautiful baby girl & married to the most fit man you'd ever meet!  She gets to stay home now, but was also a teacher that specializes in reading.  I never see her so I stalk her facebook & I saw she's teaching reading college students now how to teach reading to kids - amazing!

With my two best friends - we ALWAYS have fun.  Elly has talked cops into giving us rides home when we can't drive in St. Louis - we'll never forget that one!  We've traveled all over Central IL in my old car Buttercup.  We even got stranded in Mattoon during a huge flood where a scarface man pushed my car out of the road.  We've taken girls trips where we continually laugh our butts off!  Elly usually works up the most ridiculous bachelorette party dares you'd ever feast your eyes on.  Then she makes you follow through on those dares until you are sooo very embarrassed with yourself!

We don't see or talk with each other enough.  Melissa lives in my same town - so you'd think we'd hang out more often, but it's hard with little kids.  Elly lives 5 hours away so when she's in town we savor our time together & our husbands for some reason - understand that we need that time!  When we get together - it's like we were never apart!  We are still those ridiculously immature girls again!  We do anything for a laugh & with just a tad bit of alcohol in our systems - we build pyramids together!

I wish I could think of more of our stories, but there are far too many in the many years we have been ridiculous together!  I definitely miss these girls & I'm ready for our 10 year class reunion this summer!  It's another excuse for Elly to head back to the 'Ville to visit!  Maybe this time Melissa & I can put her up in an extension to a twist cradle (that's for all those old school cheerleaders out there)!