Jen at Mimi Bella Boo asked:

1.  do you ever drive in to Decatur for the sole purpose of going to Krekels?
        ~I actually do not, although I do sometimes eat there.  There is also one in Mt. Zion now.  However, in Shelbyville we have a place called Druby's (when I was little it was Krekels).  It's a lot like Krekels.  It has the most amazing lemon ice cream & the cheeseburgers drive me wild so I stay in town :)

2. did you grow up going to the boats in Finley adn to the Shelbyville beach all summer?
        ~I didn't go to the beach much b/c my Mom doesn't like lakes - which is funny.  We had a swimming pool, trampoline, and 4 wheelers so we stayed at home.  When I got older I did go to the beach a lot with friends.  Then, when I was in high school I worked at the Shelbyville marina & boated often with friends - it was seriously a blast!  Plus, I pumped gas for nice looking guys on jet skis all the time.  It was a girls dream!
3. did you by chance find my favorite Barbie that my sister buried in the sand at the Shelbyville beach when i was 8?
        ~I did not, but you may want to ask my sister Maggie.  If anyone found a Barbie & kept it for her own it would definitely be her!

4. where do you do most of your shopping for clothes there?
       ~If I go clothes shopping, which I rarely get to b/c I buy everything for my kids - they are rotten, I mainly hit up TJ Maxx in Decatur.  I do get some shirts from Wal-Mart b/c it's in town (can you believe we have one now!) & honestly I do find some cute stuff there.  I also get some clothes at Kohls except I don't always love Kohls - their clothes are too mommyish or way too teen sometimes & the jeans there are ridic most of the time!

5. do you redecorate and redecorate like an addiction like i do?
          ~I kind of do.  I'm really bad about wanting to change something & once it's in my mind I have to change it and fast.  My Mom used to help me decorate a lot & still does if I rearrange an entire room.   I've been learning to decorate on my own & I'm really having fun with it.  I have plans to rearrange my entire family room, but it needs to be done when the hubs isn't around - he doesn't like to move furniture twice if you don't like where it is, and well - I often set it and don't like it so I move it again!  It's a process right?!