Now normally I would NEVER want matching recliners.  No offense to you matching recliner lovers out there, but it's just not me.  However, my kids were rocking two nasty, grungy, hideous recliners - front & center in our living room.  You walked in our front door, and immediately saw two recliners, a hot pink one & an old man pinkish burgundy one, side by side with two giant TV heads parked in them - chugging chocolate milk no doubt.

(Everett was so thrilled he kissed the chair!)

I tried to get rid of their recliners...once...just long enough to throw a jewelry party at my house.  Everett had an absolute cow & Aubrie was hysterical.

They LOVE their recliners & sit in them constantly. 

So...I found two matching faux leather recliners (perfect for washing off) online!  Praise the lord Santa hauled off the old ones before the kids woke up.  However, they INSTANTLY noticed they were gone Christmas morning!  Much to their surprise these were waiting for them in the basement where Santa stops every year.

These babies are proudly showcased front & center when you come into my house...unfortunately (at least they are clean right)!  It says they last until they are age 9 - what?  really?  for my sake pray it's more like 6 so I have my living room & style back!

*And please ignore the complete disarray behind the kids - it was Christmas morning in our basement after all!*