I won an award!  I can't believe it!

Thank you to my dear friend Leanne over at Mini Pingers.  The deal is that I share 10 honest things about myself with you.  Then I get to tag 5 lucky readers to do the same!

1.  I can't sit down without falling asleep on the weekends.  I literally have to be doing something constantly because if I let myself sit down on a Saturday - I conk out...sorry kids!  I drive my husband nuts with this one because I'm constantly on the go.  This is why all my closets are by color & season, and most drawers & closets in my house get reorganized a few times a year.  Can't stand the clutter!

2.  Jade & I are love with the show Dexter.  We watched all the seasons this year, and now we're dying in suspense for the new season to start.  The last show this season was insane - literally we can't wait!
3.  I'm kind of like a man in my movie choices.  I'm not big into chick flicks.  I like comedy for the most part.  But I really LOVE the men movies - wars, fights, suspense - all the kind of things your husbands want to see - I want to go too!  I'm now really wanting to see The book of Eli.  I know I'm kind of different.

4.  I hate spiders with a passion.  I once was bit right by my mouth when I was a child, and ever since they terrify me.  When I first had Everett we were still in our trailer while we finished up our house.  One day about 5AM I was up nursing him and a giant spider - literally 4" wide crawled across the cathedral ceiling.  I about crapped my pants right then and there!  The worst part is I couldn't reach it (not that I wanted to), I sprayed it with bug spray & it still lived!   I had to watch that thing for 30 minutes until Jade got up for work to kill it.  I will never forget that spider with his beady little eyes!!
5.  My last job really changed me as a person.  I was an animal products buyer.  So I basically shopped all day for 35 stores stocking the shelves with things that I loved (my pug too!).  I purchased small animal & livestock products.  I know all kinds of random things about fly killer too!  I traveled quite a bit, I flew in a helicopter weekly (instant nap machines I tell ya), and I even went to China.  Beyond my job responsibilities, I learned to be sure of myself and gained the ability to really tell someone off.  Trust me - that's a big one for me.  I now stand up for myself, which is good because I never used to.  I however left that company because of one owner & some of the upper management & it wasn't convenient for being a mother.  I'm very happy I left that job, but I sometimes miss the things I did there.
6.  When I first meet someone I am pretty shy.  After I get to know them - I talk constantly - literally a lot!  My mom would be shocked to know that I'm actually pretty funny too!  (I say this because my Mom is a fast talking lady & she is usually the funny one so she trumps me!)  I crack up my current co-workers with my ridiculousness on a daily basis & my friends when I get the time to see them.  There are many nights that Jade and I lay in bed and I get him to laugh so hard he pulls his knees up to his chest and shakes - I love when I get him laughing that hard!
7.  I don't know how this happened to me, but as the oldest child I am also the shortest.  Maggie is like 5'7" and Abbie is around 5'10".  I for some reason am somewhere around 5'4".  I'd love just 2 more inches in my waist - think of how much thinner I would be!!
8.  I used to tumble and cheer.  My Mom made me learn to do a flip flop before I could start tumbling so she taught me in the front yard.  I did my first roundoff flip flop on grass - terrified.  After I did it, I was a flip flop machine.  I still wonder if I could pull one out of my butt on a dare - I think with a spotter yes?!?  I also loved to cheer.  I was tiny in high school so I was the flier.  I got dropped a million times, but I loved it.  I quit after my Sophomore year because our coach left & I couldn't stand the new coach.  I later coached high school cheerleading for a summer when I was 19 and loved it again.  Who knew 14 girls would make me laugh so hard - they were ridiculous!  I think some day I'd love to coach again, but I don't want to devote the time as well so it is a bit crazy to think that!
9.  I absolutely love me some popcorn!  We have a popper & my kids love it when I make popcorn.  I try to use less butter than my Dad did when I was growing up (yeah 1 stick of butter Dad - can you say cholesterol?!).  However, I still love the butter & the salt.  I'd take popcorn or chips over cake any day of the week!
10.  When I was pregnant with Aubrie I gained 60 lbs.  The doctor claims 66, but I'm sticking to 60.  It was awful!  I don't know how it happened, but I swear 20 pounds was water weight.  My feet were a size 6 1/2 and I couldn't fit them in size 11 snow boots!  They looked like those monster feet house slippers.  It was awful.  I called them flower pots.  Jade would rub them at night to push the fluid up, and I'd almost bawl it hurt so bad.  I literally wore brown crocs with dress pants to work every day in the snow with socks to change into in my purse.  I know ridiculous!  However, I lost every bit of that weight after I had her, and pretty fast.  I didn't gain nearly as much with Everett and I'm back to where I started.  Hooray for me!  (I also steal Abbie's nose when I'm pregnant - it gets a bit bigger and looks just like her nose - I don't know what she does when I borrow it!)

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