I have always said that spray paint is one of my best friends.

I buy a hideous end table for $3 at a rummage sale.  I buy a $3 can of orange spray paint & voilà - it looks great - and no one knows I'm cheap!  I do this ALL the time.

However, I had a bad experience with spray paint.  I quickly found out that if something is highly varnished - you need to REALLY lay on the sand paper.  I did scuff up the surface a bit...don't get me wrong, but not enough.

I had bubbles - serious bubbles & horrible 90's crackling.  And of all the pieces in the world, this was on my Grandpa Everett's handed down wall clock in the picture below.

Now you probably think - why on earth were you trying to spray paint your beloved Grandpa's clock?!?  And - who paints wood?!?  Well first off - I paint wood all the time.  I just am not a wood grained girl.  My Mom was cheap and couldn't afford wood furniture nor can I.  So we paint everything & wood looks stupid in our houses - it's just the way it is in my highly painted & colorful home.  Secondly - it was ugly wood - from the 70's.  So I'm painting it white so it's timeless - are you with me now?  OK great.

Anyway, after some serious paint scraping & re-sanding - I was finally able to paint it white.  It looks great now!  I'm glad I did it!  Thank the lord I saved it, because Jade was about to stroke out over the thought that I ruined Grandpa's clock.

**Keep in mind that my Gpa farmed with my Dad & we saw him every single day.  That means from age 16 to 25, Jade spent a lot of time farming with my Grandpa & my Dad.  They constantlly harassed each other & Grandpa constantly called Jade a pussy.  Please don't be offended - it was how Gpa Everett was.  Besides Jade took it like a man and often times in the situation Grandpa was totally right - don't tell Jade I said that - wink wink!  But Jade loved my Grandpa & misses him too so it's also his family treasure as well as mind - he was not happy with Annie over this!**

Take my serious screw up to heart.  Spray paint will love you with all it's heart, until it meets high gloss varnish.  Then it will take a big crap on your project and make you cry.