This past weekend I admitted that my porch was hideous.  I was having a jewelry party Monday night & it just couldn't look like it did!  I took down all my Christmas & left out the greenery, but it just had no pizazz without the over sized ornaments & lights.  So I took a trip to Menards with the hubs.  A date day - it's sad when your dates involve Long John Silvers & Menards - but ours commonly do.  So I looked at Menards, and they had absolutely nothing cute for winter outdoor decor at all - what a bust! 

(Thank the lord it was warm enough this past weekend to wear a sweatshirt only outside - then Monday it snowed - only in Illinois does weather like this happen!)

So I got home & I started rearranging the furniture & that helped a lot.  Then I thought - work with what you have!  So I went in the garage & looked at all my pots & found a bag of pine cones.  That's when the thought came to me - twigs.  Yes, just like in the house - go get some more twigs!

So I went to work!  I stacked two crates & opened the top one.  I filled it with greenery, pine cones & twigs.  So much better than how it started!

Then I moved on to our little table.  I had a wreath & a pot that fit perfect in it.  So I stuffed it too with greenery, pine cones, & twigs.

This is my favorite thing on my porch.  In the summer it holds a fern that always gets enormous.  In the winter I stuff it full of large ornaments & lights - always a winning combo!  So I did the same thing I had with the other two porch features.  I also stuck twigs out the sides of this thing for more dimension - it looks great!

Thank the lord for all the trees & twigs!