If you are like Jade & I - you may not get out much.  We don't have an overwhelming supply of babysitters.  Our two Moms keep our kids during the week so to ask them to keep the hell-yuns on the weekend is just not even kind.

So Jade & I splurge on premium cable instead.  If you can't go on a date outside of the house, put the kids to bed at 8 (7:30 on a rare occasion), make some popcorn, & settle in for some serious cable loving!

This summer we found a show we loved - Dexter.  It's on Showtime.  He's a serial killer that works for the police force as a blood splatter analyst.  He's fantastic!  Jade & I loved this show & got caught up on all the past seasons.  The season finale killed us with a serious cliff hanger!  We can't wait for the next season to start - seriously - when is it going to start?

Now we are loving The Tudors.  I have loved The Tudors since the beginning.  Jade thought I was nuts with my history loving genetics sitting on the couch late at night with the TV up high b/c I can't always understand some of their accented British words.  Now they are playing all the previous seasons on 2 back to back episodes.  Catch them on Sunday nights up until the new season premier in April!  Can  you say holla!  ha ha I seriously just typed that & better yet - I claim it!  Really - King Henry is so intriguing - a serious tyrant, but we can't get enough!

Tonight a new one starts for us!  Spartacus on Starz!  Can you believe we seriously added another premium channel just to watch this new show?  Let's pray it doesn't disappoint!  PS - Mom DVR this for Dad - I know he'll be all about it!

So - if you are a parent of small kids - these shows are very inappropriate!  That's why we really like bedtime at our house.  Plus, what's a month for premium cable cost if you aren't paying for a babysitter, dinner, and a movie - nothing!  At that price you seriously can't afford not to!

PS - after proofreading this post I realized that geez I really am a man in my TV addictions!  I have a lucky husband!!