Where can you get a 2.85 carat platinum ring?

Did I mention this one is $80?

Ummm ladies - I'm going to fill you in on a secret.  A deep dark secret that the women in my family have known for years.  (Sorry in advance Adkins' ladies for letting the cat out of the bag).

QVC sells some of the most realistic fake diamonds you'll ever feast your eyes on.  They are so realistic that some jewelers get thrown off on this stuff!  Even better they platinum clad this business for under a hundred bucks!

I'm not even kidding - it's called Diamonique and you need to investigate it today!  I got one sweet ring from my hubs on Christmas.  That's right a 3 stone ring past present & future ring.  It's not the one above, but even prettier.  When I get bling - I like it to be some serious business - so mine is diamonded out to the max! 

I was totally surprised by his wonderfulness.  Better yet, people think it's real all of the time.  We know that we can't afford huge diamonds right now.  So until we hit it big, I bling around my mock diamond ring & take the compliments as they come.  Besides it is a real ring, just not a real diamond!