I find myself always saying...Is it a boy thing or is it an Everett thing?

Then I pray it's a boy thing!  Please keep in mind that I had 3 sisters.  I first had a daughter, and I'm not used to boy things.

My son is 2.  He is all boy, and he is wild about 98% of the time when Little Bear isn't on the TV.

This weekend I was in my bathroom & my two kids were watching cartoons and eating their morning oatmeal.  That's when I heard Aubrie yell "Everett spit on me!"

Really?!  He seriously spit oatmeal on her?!  Who does that?  She never did that to him when she was 2 and he was a baby.  So again I ask myself is it a boy thing or an Everett thing?!?  And I pray he grows out of it.

However, I may have awhile to wait.  Today he spit chocolate milk in my eye.  Really?!?  Who spits milk on their Mom!?!

So pray for me that Everett isn't always wild.  And...that I can develop an enormous amount of patience when he spits milk on me!