Happy 30th to my dear sweet husband!

I love you even more than I did when you were 16! You are much more handsome than you were then - and definitely funnier! No man other man would ever hip shake it in the living room like a samba dancer & make me prove to him that I really CAN do a no arm head stand to show off our So You Think You Can Dance skills. Yes, at 27 I really can do a head stand without arms!

We are off celebrating his mid-life crisis in Nashville.

Hopefully we are somewhere here - eating something divine in our cowboy boots & looking fine. Yes - I made that a rhyme on purpose!

And for those of you planning on looting my house - not this time. My sisters are there with my kids - rubbing peanut butter on the walls and placing half eaten food under the furniture. Best part is - we don't care!

Also - a very Happy Birthday goes out to my mother-in-law Ruby! I'm very blessed to have you in my life! You help me out in countless ways! My kids absolutely adore you, and I'm so lucky that you get to watch them for me. You are an amazing grandmother & you will never know how thankful I am for that! You spark creativity in them & teach them the importance of morals & faith.

Your son is the best gift you've ever given me, but you are also a gift in my life! I am very proud to say you are my Mom as well. Happy Birthday!