Lately I have been dating a man at lunch...

He picks me up every day, and after lunch I kiss him goodbye. 

Now, he even shows up at my house around 5:30 every night.  He helps me cook dinner, then we sit down with the kids and talk about our day.

I don't know how it happened, but I'm having an affair with my husband!

Since this past August he worked out of town a few nights a week if not 4 nights.  When he was home, he worked from 7 to 5:30 an hour away.  He left around 6AM.  Then, he usually had to finish up jobs when he got back from field work, so he'd be back home around 7 at the earliest.  The worst part is, he really didn't enjoy this job (understatement).  He took it before we had Aubrie because we needed the money more than a job he loved.  I hated it for him.  I used to work at a job I didn't enjoy, and it makes your day very hard to wake up to.

I personally felt like a single mom the last few months.  I gained a very deep appreciation for single moms during this time.  It's very HARD work to parent, discipline, cook, clean every day alone.  It wears you out and is discouraging at times.  Plus, your kids take advantage of you in a hurry.

Now that he works for himself in our own town.  I feel like I'm married to a new man.  I get to see him so much now!  We get to have great conversations at dinner, and I'm excited to see what he does every day.  I have missed him so very much the last few months.  I'm glad he's home and that he's mine.