OK - I'm a crazy person.  I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance - so does Jade.  I know that's funny, but he really loves this show too!  So (Abbie I know you totally feel me here) I really think I can dance. 

I mean - I can normal dance; I danced in cheerleading and I love to shake my Shakira hips if I ever get to go to a club. 

But - I'm just sure watching these dancers that I can do what they do!  So in my mind I visualize myself doing the Samba - and well I'm quite good!  God made these hips for some reason must be to shake them right! 

Now - I have 3 problems, I need a costume, I need a partner (Jade can strum a guitar & sing with the best of them but he's no dancer), and I need a dancers body to fit into my costume!