I have this weird love - house plans.  That's right!  I LOVE to browse hundreds upon hundreds of house plans and visual what they could be!

This one would be adorable with shingle siding tucked in the woods.  With the right landscaping & interior it would be too die for adorable!  I would make some interior changes, but its pretty fabulous right now!  I think its so cottage cute!

I think that house hunting is my talent in life.  I look at a house, and I imagine what I would change - I'd make this room bigger, I'd take out this wall, I'd change this.  I'm really good with visualizing floor plans & rooms like that.  It's weird, I don't know what kind of job that is, but I should have been one!  When we built I'd pick out fixtures & paint and this and that here & there.  Jade would think I was nuts, but I had a picture in my head through every tiny detail.  My house is exactly what I imagined.  I think other people probably think I'm nuts, but they don't live in my house and never will.  If I ever were to sell (which again - never gonna happen)  I know I'd have to repaint & redecorate the entire darn place, but that's OK.  I know that.  Heck in 5 years knowing me I'll repaint every room anyway.  Our home was built for my family & our lifestyle.  It's our crazy home and it's perfect for us!.

I truly love bungalows.  That's why I built one.  This one is again too die for cute!  I think I'm drawn to the big porches & the shapes of the roofs.  This would be so cute - Maggie or Abbie build this for me to admire please.

I have built my dream home.  I will never ever build or move again in my life.  However, my two sisters Maggie & Abbie will both eventually build up in my neck of the woods "Fox Crick" as I like to call it.  Until they build, I will forever "shop" for other dream homes.  Then I'll probably start looking for my 3 year old!  Ask Maggie - she gets random e-mails from me with houses.  I hope she digs it - because I won't stop anytime soon!!

FYI - if we ever strike it rich - yeah right - I'm building 10 more houses - all different styles and interiors.  Don't tell Jade because he will truly be entirely gray with higher cholesterol if I do this & force him to carry out the work, but we are going to!  Then I'll rent them like vacation homes on our lake.  Fabulous idea - I know!