OK - I'm obviously not blogging today, but I scheduled this blog for your viewing pleasure.

Some of you know this story, some of you do not.

My best friend since 2nd grade is Melissa. We were blessed to have two little girls the same age that also love each other. This spring Melissa was very pregnant & preparing to sell her house. I offered up Jade & my landscaping talents to help her spruce up the front of her house because no pregnant woman needs to be digging holes. So while we all are out front working - the boys played outside & the two girls were in the house.

We just kept bragging them up - oh they are playing so good together. We'd peek in the window & the girls were playing house and beauty shop. They were having a blast! Then Melissa went inside really quickly to grab something & I hear a very stressed "Annie - everything is OK, but come here fast!" So I run in the house & yes - the girls have cut their hair.

I wish I had Millie's glamour shots, but I don't - so please enjoy Aubrie's.

Can you say mullet?

Yes - those bangs are scalped!

Notice the nice feathering all the way down like an 80's cut.

Melissa & I were dying. Now maybe normal Moms would cry, but Melissa and I laughed hysterically for at least 20 minutes. We both peed our pants completely. Keep in mind she's pregnant - and well my only excuse is my lack of bladder skills post nearly 9 pound babies. We COULD NOT get a grip. It was hilarious b/c their hair was sooooooo very bad. We were dying! How do you tell a 3 year old that scissors are not for hair when you are in hysterics? Not very well!

The whole way home, Aubrie just gushed about how gorgeous her hair was, and what a great job Millie had done. She was just sure that Millie would soon be getting a license to cut hair.

So later that night - the ONLY way to save this was - the dreaded perm! Thank the lord Maggie is a hair stylist b/c she saved the day!

The next day Millie also visited Maggie & got her beautiful kind of curly & pretty long red hair cut really really short!

They loved their new styles.

The hair situation ended up just fine, and the girls are still two peas in a pod when they are together. It's been 8 months and Aubrie's is about to where we started. However, they now know - no cutting hair without a license & being married (it's the only way they know they have to be adults to have a license).

This is how Melissa & I ended up with one of the funniest stories we have ever shared together & why we are so glad we are best friends. Any other Mom may have bawled or have been really ticked off, but we peed our pants in laughter - we are obviously also two peas in a pod!

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