It's hard to believe that these two cuties - are always up to no good!  But I know better - and they are!

I have been very sick.  It doesn't help that I shopped from 11PM to 9AM black Friday - or that I went out with Jade and old friends until 2AM the night before Thanksgiving.  I lost my voice, my lungs I think died inside of me, & I ran a fever for 3 days.  It left me like a plagued person with a permanent body imprint on our couch.  That's the thing about being a Mom - sick or not - they still call your name whenever they need anything.  You still are expected to fill endless sippy cups, wipe butts, and provide food.

Monday I sailed the sick seas alone...meaning Jade was at work.  I was the sole kid watcher all day!  My kids saw this disease I had as THE opportunity to eat as much junk as they could find.  They are resourceful rats.  They would drag a stool over to the pantry & stuff their faces with oatmeal creme pies, fruit snacks, and of course gum!  I had fallen asleep on the couch - I know awesome Mom - then I woke up to find them into everything!  I can't explain how many books, Christmas ornaments, and food wrappers and such were all over the room.

I finally banished the kitchen stool to the garage after Everett dumped my most favorite multi-grain Tostitos on the floor - that in itself is a crime.  So what next?  Oh well he put together something like the photo below, but smarter.  He started stacking small stools!  I swear their brains are too smart for me!

This photo shows his last brainiac idea - stack books on the stool and try to maybe reach the piggy bank.  He gave up before he killed himself.  Thank goodness!

So say a prayer for me.  I need health, but more so patience b/c the kids are daily rats - looking for the junkiest food they can possibly consume like a hot dog eating contest in record time!  Which ultimately - leaves me nothing junky to eat :( 

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