I will admit - this post isn't as great as the others, but it's important to my family and who we are.  We (as in Mom) used to breed pugs - not in a weird like 20 dog way, but my parents did.  We had Macy Mae, Stella Rue, Rita Rose, & Wally Eugene.  We truly loved these dogs & they all lived in the house in slept in beds with us.  If you ever need a proper dogs for kids - go pug 100%.  I have never met a pug that wasn't nice.  I now own a rescued pug - I have had her since I was 20...she's a brat, but I love her.

This is Trudie Claudette.  She takes daily abuse from my two kids.  They pull her nipples (probably too much information - sorry), they hug and kiss her, occassionally Everett bites her and gets in trouble, and they love her very much.  She's very special to us!

So back to my Mom's house - every great kitchen needs huge old metal letters - that say pug of course.  This is the door to the back porch & yard - where the pugs go out.
  I seriously want these bad (Mom remember this - pencil my name on the back of these!  ha ha)

This is where Rita & Stella sleep - it's their dog bed.  They are obese - so it's a tight fit!  My pug also has one of these at my house - a must for queen dogs!

Here is Stella (black), & Rita (fawn) - they are truly exhausted at my picture taking!  They are literally a good 12 pounds heavier than my pug - almost twice her size - they are obese!  They are both retired from the pug breeding business.  They sleep & eat all day.  We love them very much!

Oh and a special shout out to Jade - Leg Anniversary!  (Inside family joke - Jade ran over Stella with 2 tires one Thanksgiving day in college - about 7 years ago).  Her leg was pinned twice with no luck - now she has a bum leg she carries around, but she's alive!  To this day - we sing leg anniversary - a song made up by of course me - to Jade on Thanksgiving day!  He really loves it - seriously - who wouldn't!