OK - I'm going to feature some of Mom's stunning doors!  Mom & Dad have removed some of the older plain doors in their home & replaced them with some fabulous doors!

This door is between her new kitchen & old kitchen (now a laundry room).  She took an old screen door - lined the back with bark cloth = wowsers!

This door is really tiny.  I seriously can't explain to you how little it is.  However, it's gray & turquoise old chippy paint - ta da!  It is the closet door to a small closet they built with beadboard in Dad's office.

I truly can't remember if this door is original or not.  I believe it is.  Mom added the F decal for Fox & it's stunning in her very gorgeous red living room.

This is another treasure!  Old chippy white paint with a fabulous - you really need to see this in person to appreciate - wreath.  This door separates the living room from Dad's office.

I hope you enjoyed the door sampling b/c this woman has it all!