My kids aren't normal.  I think you all know this by now.  I'm also one of those terrible moms that when they say something so wrong - I turn my head and laugh before I can even discipline.  Sometimes I even have to leave the room.  It's bad I know, but I can't help myself!

Well Aubrie had a new one this weekend.  Apparently she is a - wait for it - Butt Monster!  That's right she called herself a Butt Monster!  I seriously don't know where she comes up with this stuff.  I know I for one have never called myself, or anyone else a butt monster.  She's insane!  Luckily I wasn't in the room for that one, and Jade quickly put her in her spot.  Go Jade!

We also had our first snow today.  It wasn't much, just a dusting.  However, Aubrie proceeded to tell me, that when it snows - Pa Stuart farts a lot!  Really - I lived with this man for years and years and didn't know that snow gave him an extreme amount of gas!  She continued to say - it is hard to feed his cattle in the snow.  So - I really think she meant that when it snows - Pa Stuart works a lot.  Which is a true statement.  He always works a lot, but in the snow - he has much more work to feed & water his cattle.  She's too funny & cracks me up daily!